Spreadsheets take a lot of flack but they’re often the right tool for the job. When the job is starting to clean up that ‘dirty kitchen sink’ AWS account or ad-hoc IAM permission analysis, a spreadsheet is often the right tool. Now that analysis is easier with k9’s IAM access audit spreadsheet.

Figure 1. The usability-optimized Principals view

k9’s AWS IAM access spreadsheet reports are the most usable and most informative tool for your initial access review and ad-hoc cloud access entitlement analyses. As you can see in our sample report (xlsx), k9 now automatically:

  • Zooms to 125% so you can read it easily
  • Adjusts column widths to fit a useful amount of data in each column
  • Enables column data filters so you can focus on what you care about
  • Freezes the first first row so you can scroll
  • Hides columns for tag data that is generally used for advanced use cases

We think people should have simple, actionable security information and controls wherever they interact with their cloud resources – whether that’s in a spreadsheet, infrastructure code, security tool or somewhere else.

So we’re happy to (finally) remove a bit of friction from the start of your cloud access improvement journey.


p.s. check out our cloud security workflow integrations for options to operationalize security once you’re done with spreadsheets