k9 Security is an AWS Partner

k9 OEM Integrations

Scalable cloud access governance for you and your customers!

Unburden security specialists by simplifying AWS access management workflows and event analysis with k9 Security.

Decide quickly with effective access

Understand what AWS users could do with AWS APIs and data in simple terms.

So you can:

  • show who is a privileged user
  • show who has access to critical APIs and data
  • assess risk and prioritize response
  • secure data with least-privilege policy

Empower all of your users to make great AWS security decisions with a simple interface to AWS access entitlements.


Enhance your access management workflows

Lighten the security load for your team

Improve Developer Experience for IAM

Scale access management in cloud software delivery workflows

No more analyzing access manually

k9 helps take care of the undifferentiated, heavy-lifting of security 

Unburden security specialists and analysts

Understanding which data resources and applications people have access to is nearly impossible for teams doing manual access analysis.

Manually reviewing access takes weeks of painstaking, error-prone, expert-level work that drains budget, delays projects and burns out specialists.

And it still doesn’t guarantee secure deployments.

But by simplifying & scaling access management workflows with k9’s usable IAM access inventory, policy generators, and daily access reporting, engineers & auditors can assess access confidently any time and recommend a path forward.

This makes it easy to adopt & review secure policies and integrate security with automated delivery processes which are secure by design, every time!

You won’t have to hire more security experts to know “who has access to what?”

Instead, you can focus on building access management workflows for your customers.

Enable data owners to review access to their data

Review principals’ access to data resources

Ubiquitous and transparent security across the entire organization

Integrate access entitlements with k9’s Cloud Access Management Toolkit (CAMT)

Integrate CIEM into your workflows

k9 Security’s CIEM was built to integrate into your native workflow.

Now you can create simple cloud identity and resource access review processes that scale security and governance out to engineers and analysts with the context to manage access quickly and accurately.

Without having to build your own CIEM capability.

Integrate continuously updated AWS access entitlement information into your own software and systems by loading  CSV data from Amazon S3 / Amazon Athena into your own database or Splunk.

Our AWS IAM access analyzer reports who has access to AWS APIs and data resources in simple terms:

  • administer / read configuration
  • read / write / delete data

When there’s a suspicious event, enrich that event with what the user could do, guiding prioritization and response.

With k9, you can stop asking AWS Security specialists to:

Build tools to perform basic compliance activities or understand access

Create policies by hand

Answer questions about access by Security and Compliance colleagues during audits

Let’s scale security together!

k9 is easily composable into sensitive, data-heavy applications like MDR/XDR/EDR

Composable backend deployment: our cloud, your cloud, your customer's cloud

APIs to configure and interact with k9 Security

Simple licensing model for integration and service partners

k9 reports access to an ever-growing set of AWS security, data, and compute services in every region of AWS Commercial and GovCloud (US)

Use k9 as a standard part of your event analysis workflows and pass some of that savings on to customers while building a robust standard entitlement solution centered around k9

Reduce MSSP/SOC training requirements, help optimize operational activities, and provide their customers options for fixing problems in delivery with canned policies and policy generators (Centralized and Hybrid Operations model)

Expand security feature footprint to adjacent security categories like CIEM and CWPP so your customers don’t have to buy additional security products

License k9 in bulk for your event processing and triage pipelines. Enable reports to be delivered directly to your pipeline

Build leading edge identity and data governance capabilities into your product quickly

Provision CIEM via APIs or a composable CloudFormation stack. Multiple licensing models to fit your end customer deployment:

  • Per-AWS account
  • Per-Customer

Siloless security. No experts needed.