Togo, the Siberian Husky famous for his efforts delivering diphtheria serum to Nome Alaska in 1925; photo from 1921

k9 Security has completed deployment of our v2 AWS access analyzer, “Husky”, to all customer accounts! k9 Security has always strived to help customers secure large AWS accounts with many IAM principals and data resources. Now customers can simplify and scale AWS IAM security for organizations with hundreds or thousands of AWS accounts – no matter what is in them.

The AWS access analyzer is the heart of our AWS IAM access monitoring products available in AWS Marketplace and as an OEM solution integration. And it’s much stronger.

The new AWS IAM access analysis engine eliminates the scaling constraints of our v1 access analyzer. The v2 analyzer:

  • analyzes AWS environments even more accurately than v1
  • scales without limits using only AWS Serverless services: Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, and Step Functions
  • analyzes accounts much quicker due to its improved scalability

So the answer to “who has access to what?” supporting IAM access governance processes will be delivered quickly and reliably whether via nightly reporting or triggered on-demand (API / CLI).

This new k9 Security AWS IAM Access Analyzer also opens up opportunities for interactive, real-time, and on-demand access analysis use cases such as:

  • previewing the effects of security policy changes
  • detecting and responding to risky IAM configuration changes in real-time
  • executing mass scans of accounts to quickly identify opportunities for security improvement projects

If any of those use cases sound interesting to you, we’d love to discuss your particular use case and help you scale security. Contact us at [email protected].