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It’s Day 1 at k9 Security. We want to help you Go Fast, Safely.

k9 Security’s mission is to help organizations using the Cloud improve their information security and manage risks to the organization and its customers.

k9 will accomplish that by helping technology teams understand, assess, and improve the security of their Cloud resources and data confidently and quickly. We will provide information to engineers:

  • in a form they understand
  • built on the leading practices of the information security and risk management professions
  • presented in tools they already use
  • that is actionable

Engineers will use this information to protect data by creating better security policies, quickly.

Most technology teams care deeply about the security of information in their trust. These teams genuinely fear data loss and service downtime events that impact their customers and organization. And they want help.

The technology industry acknowledges the need for more information security expertise and to integrate that expertise into rapidly changing deployments. This need is acute in Cloud deployments. The Cloud requires many organizations to adopt more than new tools and tactics, but also new strategies for protecting their deployments. Organizations generally have few, if any, Cloud security experts and those experts carry a heavy load.

k9 helps Cloud teams build platforms and deploy applications securely and confidently. These teams recognize they need to integrate scalable and efficient Cloud security practices into their delivery pipelines and regular operations. However, many teams are missing robust security and risk models, comprehensive and scalable analysis tools, secure automation components, and delivery process integration.

k9 will meet customers where they are, grow their security and risk management expertise, and empower them. This starts with providing customers information and guidance they can easily understand, trust, and act upon. Robust security policy and automation components will support customers as they improve their security.

We hope this approach grows customers’ information security and risk management capabilities in a scalable, efficient way. We expect to continuously improve:

  1. the security knowledge and skills of Cloud, DevOps, Platform, Application, and Security engineers
  2. decisions supported by powerful analytical tools integrated into application delivery, security assessment, and risk management processes
  3. the library of reusable Cloud security policy and automation components adoptable by customers

This approach will adjust over time so that it continues improving customer outcomes.

Today, k9 Security launches with capabilities that address several problems protecting data in AWS. These problems were identified in customer conversations and years of experience architecting, building, and operating large and small Cloud deployments. These capabilities help engineers quickly understand what and how data is accessible in the AWS S3, DynamoDB, RDS, and KMS services.

We are excited to launch these capabilities, but we know that it is only Day 1.

Customer Obsession

k9 Security thinks about the information security problems of its customers and customers’ customers as opportunities for k9 to assist in safely completing their missions. We understand that even happy, successful customers are wonderfully dissatisfied in certain ways. We will ask customers about their problems continuously and directly, explore them together, and work to solve the biggest ones.

Contact us or email [email protected] any time.

Cross-Pollination and Innovation

k9 Security will help technology teams adopt leading or emerging practices from across the information technology, information security, and risk management professions. These professions are largely siloed and practitioners find it difficult to even speak the same language. First, k9 will help customers think and communicate accurately about security and risk, then help them adopt the leading practices in those fields on the organization’s timeline. Second, where good solutions do not exist, we will invent and help advance the state of the art.

Thank you to our customers for allowing us to serve you, advisors for your insights, and team members for the energy and hard work to launch k9. It’s Day 1.

Stephen Kuenzli

Founder, k9 Security