Simplify IAM with k9 Security, AWS Partner
Simplify IAM with k9 Security, AWS Partner

k9 Security is now a validated AWS Partner. Cloud teams simplify AWS IAM with k9’s usable access analysis and policy automation libraries. k9’s IAM access analyzer reports what access each IAM user or role has to critical AWS APIs and data using language everyone understands (details).

k9 Security’s IAM access analyzer service earned the Qualified Software designation for the AWS Partner Network’s Software Path.

This designation means the access analysis service meets AWS’ standards for security, availability, reliability, and disaster recovery.

The k9 Security IAM access analyzer is available in AWS Marketplace.

AWS Partner Qualified Software Badge
k9 Security – AWS Partner Qualified Software

k9 Security is honored to join the AWS Partner Network. We are happy to answer your questions and help you right-size IAM access.