Purchase k9 Security Team

Here’s how to purchase and configure k9 Security team for your AWS organization.  Your subscription and all payments will be managed by AWS Marketplace.

If you have a single AWS account, then perform these steps in that account.

Step 1: Purchase & Register

Purchase k9 by subscribing to the k9 Security Team offering in AWS Marketplace.  k9 recommends subscribing using the AWS account your organization uses for procurement and billing analysis.  By default, this is the AWS organization’s Management account, but you may also have a dedicated billing account.

When you subscribe via Marketplace, you will be asked to register as a k9 customer.  You will need to provide your:

  • AWS Organization ID
  • Technical Contact Info: Name, Email Address

Record the k9 customer id (e.g. C123456) generated in that process.  Contact k9 Support if you have questions or are unsure of your customer ID.

Step 2: Configure Report Delivery

Next, configure the S3 bucket k9 will deliver reports to in a secure AWS account (details). k9 recommends delivering reports to your organization’s Security or Audit Logs account if you have one for that purpose.

Step 3: Configure Account Monitoring

Finally, configure monitoring for your AWS accounts (details)

k9 will analyze and bill each monitored account on a daily basis.  These charges accrue to the organization’s k9 subscription.  Because k9 bills per successfully delivered analysis, you may turn off k9 at any time by deprovisioning an account’s monitoring resources.

Please contact k9 Support if you have any questions or would like assistance.