Master AWS IAM Workshop

Go Fast, Safely

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Start date: November 1st

Start time: 9:00am

Stephen Kuenzli

Host: Stephen Kuenzli

Founder, k9 Security

Effective IAM book

Effective IAM for AWS

Each week we’ll discuss two chapters of Effective IAM, a free eBook which will be made available to you upon registration. Attendees should read the week’s chapters prior to the session so we can have a lively discussion and dive into details regarding:

  • the good parts of AWS IAM and how to leverage them in your designs to solve difficult security and governance problems
  • how to simplify AWS IAM into a set of secure and composable building blocks in infrastructure code so you can deliver changes quickly
  • how to verify your security policies secure resources as intended

Additional session information

All sessions will be:

  • Open to the public (private workshops available for your team)
  • You can attend all the sessions or just areas you want to get stronger in
  • Join us and learn how to Go Fast, Safely in AWS!

(Workshop sessions are limited to 8 attendees)

Registration for the November workshop is now closed.

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Session 1 (November 1, 2022)

EIAM Chapters:

1) Control access to any resource

2) Why AWS IAM is so hard to use

Session 2 (November 8, 2022)

EIAM Chapters:

3) Architect AWS organization for scale

4) Create IAM principals and provision access

Session 3 (November 15, 2022)

EIAM Chapters :

5) Simplify IAM by using the best parts

6) Understand what your IAM policies actually do

7) Secure IAM continuously

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