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Finally fix your IAM issues

Now your cloud team can quickly inspect actual access to AWS data and APIs and converge policies to their intent quickly, without involving security experts.

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See the effective AWS permissions your policies allow with reporting your whole team understands


Specify your intended access in simple language and let k9 generate a least privilege security policy


Integrate with your existing tools and dashboards to streamline and productize security

Simple IAM Reporting

Your whole team understands

k9 simplifies and standardizes AWS IAM permissions so that anyone can understand the effects of their policies. Application engineers can easily inspect access and decide if access is correct using the k9 Security Katas.

k9 Principals View showing whether an IAM principal is an admin and when it was last used.
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Secure your critical data

With Infrastructure as Code

k9’s policy generators for Terraform and CloudFormation allow delivery teams to declare the intended access to data with k9’s simplified access capability model.


Embed into your DevOps workflow

k9 scales your access management by simplifying access review, making IAM usable for app & data owners.

No security experts needed!

Easily integrate into your current workflows with k9’s access reports available in Excel, CSV, and json formats (in addition to Security Hub and email alert notifications).

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The CSV is designed for integration with Splunk, Datadog, and Athena. 

k9 scales IAM for teams of all sizes

Cloud teams are already using k9 to successfully fix IAM at scale

We wanted to create a truly secure production environment for our customers and prove it with a SOC 2 certification. k9 Security walked us through all the IAM vulnerabilities in our AWS account using their super pragmatic report and helped us fix the issues.  Now we have SOC 2 and least privilege!

Aleks Smechov

Co-Founder & CEO, Wordcab

The quality and depth of expertise demonstrated by k9 Security is unparalleled in the industry.  k9 has helped advise our AWS IAM strategy and guide a successful implementation of secure identity management that eliminates excess IAM permissions.

Lucas LaFrance

VP of Security, PlanetArt

k9 is a great tool for consultants offering AWS security reviews. Will definitely use this tool when doing the next review of an AWS account. k9 is a great tool for Cloud Security Specialists raising the bar for security within their organization.

Andreas Wittig

Author, Amazon Web Services in Action

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