S3 Bucket Security Tune-Up

Keep your S3 bucket out of the news

Data breaches from insecure AWS S3 buckets make the news weekly.

The complexity of S3 bucket security is daunting. We understand.

Engineers need to configure AWS IAM, S3 bucket policy, S3 bucket ACLs, and public bucket access configurations correctly to protect data. Don’t feel bad that you can’t keep it all in your head – S3’s access evaluation flow wasn’t built for humans.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Schedule a 1:1 session with an AWS Security expert to improve your S3 bucket’s security

$250, paid post Tune-up

k9 Security will help you answer questions like:

  • Is this bucket publicly accessible?
  • Who can read, write, or delete data in this bucket?
  • How do I update AWS security policies to allow only the access I intend?
  • How do I ensure data is encrypted in transport and at rest?

k9 Security’s experts will help you tune-up your S3 bucket’s security controls. First, we’ll help you clearly define who should and shouldn’t have access. Then, we’ll help you create or update policies that protect your data from unauthorized access.

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