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Secure AWS data with k9-cdk for CDKv2

Cloud teams struggle to secure data in AWS when they do not have simple infrastructure code libraries built for continuous delivery. So today we are releasing k9-cdk for CDKv2 which helps you provision best practice AWS security policies easily within your existing...

k9 Security is now an AWS Partner

Simplify IAM with k9 Security, AWS Partner k9 Security is now a validated AWS Partner. Cloud teams simplify AWS IAM with k9's usable access analysis and policy automation libraries. k9's IAM access analyzer reports what access each IAM user or role has to critical AWS...

k9 Security Updates – 2022-01

They say the only sure things in life are death and taxes. But I'll add two more: AWS IAM is hardk9 Security is making AWS IAM usable (and it's working!) k9 Security grew a lot in 2021 to help its customers improve and operationalize AWS IAM security. Customers...

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